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song translations - smap singles cont'd

21-40 done!

Also, probably old news by now, but a 50-song best album is going to be released December 21st, for which we can vote what songs we want to have on it. Looks like only one vote per person, though :P The voting site is at smap25years(dot)com (or google smap 25, it should come up), and voting is open until October 4th, 23:59 Japan time. Vote away! :D

Also also, a new Clip! SMAP! PV Collection will be released December 28th. Ancient PVs in Blueray!

Personally, I'm pretty sure I'm going to vote for BEST FRIEND, but I'm also partial to Orange and Arigatou... I kind of want Smile Senshi Otoranger on there though