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Selling a lot of JE -stuff

We sell a lot of things on our page yuki_lilly_sales
We ship worldwide, shipping fee isn't included.

We have pamhplets, DVDs, CDs, Magazines, Shop photos, Calendar, Doujins, and much more. If you have any question, ask :D Prices are negotiable ^____^
(We moved to dreamwidth with our selling account, because of the recent circumstances, but you can always write us here on LJ! We are still online and we answer here too, just the community switched to DW)

We sell:

shop photos (Arashi, Sexy Zone, Kanjani8, TOKIO, Kamenashi Kazuya)--> HERE

Doujins (mostly Arashi, but also SMAP & Kanjani8 and Kat-tun!) --> HERE

DVDs (Kinki Kids, Tackey & Tsubasa, SMAP, Kis-my-ft.-2, V6, Akanishi Jin, ....)  --> HERE

GOODS (Arashi, ...)  --> HERE

CDs (Kanjani8, Kat-tun, SMAP,...)--> HERE

Pamphlet, Calendar, photobooks (Kat-tun, Arashi, Kanjani, Smap,...) --> HERE

Magazines (various) --> HERE
Hi everyone,

I started selling some of my stuff since I returned from Japan, or stuff that I have to put at home right now and really hope they'll find nice places.
My selling post is currently small but i'm gonna try and update it regularly, so you're more than welcome to see and follow :-)
I sell goods from many Johnny's groups, from SMAP up to Johnny's WEST and also the Juniors (pre-debuted Kis-My-Ft2, A.B.C-Z, Sexy Zone and Johnny's WEST) <3

You can find the post here. Come and watch from time to time - maybe you'll find something interesting.

Shipping is free worldwide!

* Last Update: April 4 (tons of goods uploaded. Also few Disney goods - for the lovers...)

Have fun!

SMAP's last SmapxSmap performance.

There are so MANY tributes pouring in for SMAP and softbank released one hell of a CM. Legit, crying. Thank you.

I haven't the heart to watch any morning news coverage because legit, all there is, is crying.
Finally finished all the singles! Sorry it took so long, I got distracted with some actual translation work :P I also finally finished up the albums with Mr.S as well!

Albums translation index
Singles translation index

Welp, now what. Anything I've missed? The Smile Senshi Otoranger single is of course on my list, but I'd be happy to take suggestions for any other SMAP-related songs! :D

nakai masahiro no black variety

Does anyone know if any smap communities have subbed any videos of nakai masahiro no black variety? I've seen when domoto tsuyoshi guest appeared as well as when morning musume have appeared. It's a really interesting show and am keen to see more!

Cheers to anyone who can direct me/tell me where to find it!

song translations - smap singles cont'd

21-40 done!

Also, probably old news by now, but a 50-song best album is going to be released December 21st, for which we can vote what songs we want to have on it. Looks like only one vote per person, though :P The voting site is at smap25years(dot)com (or google smap 25, it should come up), and voting is open until October 4th, 23:59 Japan time. Vote away! :D

Also also, a new Clip! SMAP! PV Collection will be released December 28th. Ancient PVs in Blueray!

Personally, I'm pretty sure I'm going to vote for BEST FRIEND, but I'm also partial to Orange and Arigatou... I kind of want Smile Senshi Otoranger on there though

song translations - smap singles

While it's not the anniversary I might have hoped for, I still gotta celebrate for what they mean to me :)

Starting with finally translating the singles!

So far, 1-20 are complete, plus most of the A sides. More to come soon!

Sono toki, Heart wa nusumareta

Hello , did subtitles for Sono toki, Heart wa nusumareta exist?
if not maybe softh subs in another laguage or something?

Two new essays!
In which Tsuyoshi celebrates finishing Yama no anata, gets a brain scan to make sure he hasn't messed up one too many backflips, and attempts to improve his singing through (drunken) karaoke.
( I Did Actual Work This Year, Too )
( Maybe I've Gotten Old  Going to Shrines is Relaxing )

Two new essays!
Featuring the continued adventures of Tsuyoshi learning how to use a computer, waxing poetic about music and old SMAP albums, and his trip to meet Ronaldinho in Barcelona.
( Music is Amazing  Even Now, I'm Still Inexperienced )
( Spain Fits Me So Perfectly I'd End Up Completely Useless )

Two new essays! In which Tsuyoshi doesn't fall in love with any Denmark ladies because they're taller than Shingo, and learns some new massage techniques that he won't be using on his fellow bandmates.
( In Which I Talk All About My Trip to Denmark )
( With My Hair Cropped Short, I'm Working On a Movie! )

Happy Birthday Tsuyopon!

Here's to Tsuyopon's 42nd birthday! Because 42 is a good age to be<3

In celebration, here are the first five essays from Okiraku2, Tsuyoshi's ode to everything made of denim essay collection featuring his thoughts on life, the universe, and everything. But especially jeans. And Shingo.

Intro: Dyed Heart and Soul in the Color of Denim
Special Talk Between the Best Friends of SMAP

Meeting With My Senpai Took Me Back to My Roots
Reading "Okiraku" Brings a Flood of Memories
Kusanagi Tsuyoshi and Katori Shingo's "Okiraku Daisuki!"


Worldwide "We Love SMAP" Campaign

To celebrate SMAP's 25th anniversary, international SMAP fans are having a worldwide postcard campaign to show our support for SMAP, for all fans who are living outside Japan to join! If you're a SMAP fan, please join the campaign and also, please follow and retweet the Twitter account: https://twitter.com/welovesmap4ever

Please help spreading words about this campaign to other Smappies. We want all SMAP fans from every nationality and every country to join this campaign.

Minna-san, SMAP no tame ni, gambarimashou~!

Enter the site:

Koi to Ongaku Final

It's been a week since I went for Koi to Ongaku 3 or Final as they called it. Thought I should write a proper report for this for my own keepsake. My memory is really so bad now that I can't really remember much of the previous 2 musicals I went in 2012 and 2014. So I better penned this down before I forgot all about it again in another few years haha. This is gonna be very very loooooooong though. I'm serious about noting down what I need to remember. XD

Koi to Ongaku Final 25-27 FebCollapse )

an update

It's felt like the longest couple of weeks in my life, but the most recent word from the sports papers (unfortunately our only sources of 'news' in this whole mess) is that Matchy arranged a dinner on the night of the 21st with SMAP, TOKIO, Arashi, Julie, and possibly others (and possibly Iijima as well? the articles I found didn't agree on that part). Mary and Johnny were apparently not there, and in general it seems to have been a "welcome-back" party with a lot of reminiscing about the past. The message, at least according to the papers, is that we can hope for more SMAP+kouhai appearances and a celebration of SMAP's 25th debut year. There's a lot still unanswered, and so far no word that I know of from SMAP themselves, but here's hoping the papers are utterly, absolutely right for once!

In the meantime, since Monday there have also been quite a few remarks of support from various celebrities, and well as change.org petitions in support of SMAP and calling for Mary's dismissal.

From my own impression watching tonight's SmaSTATION, Shingo looked tired but not upset, not energetic but not forcing a smile either. Hopefully we'll hear something from him on his j-web soon...

The end?

SMAP's chief manager, Iijima Michi (58), resigned from Johnny's board of directors Jan 12, leaving the company next month.
- Sponichi

SMAP breaking up. Kimura Takuya to stay in Johnny's, the rest to leave and go independent.
- Nikkan Sports https://t.co/3kTtVTnIAa


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