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SMAP: Johnny's Jimusho and Japan's #1 Pop Group!
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Welcome to smapxsmap This is actually livejournal's very first related Johnny's Jimusho related community for the last seven years! This is a place for all SMAP fans from all walks on life! If your new or a long time fan you are welcome to join in; ask questions; share your favorite media and maybe write and share a little SMAP fanfiction!

Remember, this is a community for SMAP fans! SMAP is a groups with a lot of things going for them, so you can expect that this community you can talk about anything with SMAP, to their dorama's, singles, cm's, performances, films or post of fiction, fan-art or links to SMAP pages. Please enjoy this community and post any information and news to keep all us fans informed! You are more than welcome request/share any of their music, live performances or anything else that you think would be of interest!

Run by girltype questions? comments? ideas? Let me know!</font>

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If you would like to exchange links - please let me know! I'd love to link to more/any Johnny's comms.

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